Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wait. What do you mean no homework????

So we don't have any homework tonight. I mean if you want to get technical I could be studing or starting my research paper but quite frankly i'm in a bad mood and I would rather not. We have been testing for the past two weeks. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!! They aren't even intelligent enought to give all of the tests to us in one week. No they have to drag it out Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks. Which screws up our whole schedule because they organize it so you only have your odd or even classes and it's really dumb. Nice adjective I know.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Day

My Freind pointed out that Earth Day this year is *drum roll please* ...April twentieth....Ahhhh let that sink in... Do you find it utterly hilarious that it is on 4-20? I got a huge kick out of this. I mean earthy hippies and pot. Maybe I'm being immature but I mean come on "ib learners" are supposed to be (this is straight from the handbook)
-Inquiers (I love learning random facts )
-Knowledgeable (If someone asks when Earth Day is I can surely tell them)
-Thinkers (I thought about how hilarious it was)
-Communicator (I'm telling you)
-Principled (hmmm...I take responsinility for spreading the fun)
-Open-minded (hahaha I'm open-minded but uhh I am not into illegal)
-Caring (Of course I am.)
-Risk-takers (Hmm I don't know that I can relate this one...I already told you I am not into illegal)
-Balanced (I'm balancing this blog and ib and theater)
-Reflective (I think Earth Day and 4-20 are a good match)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Theater and IB have stolen my life....

They have taken it and ran away with my life. It's really sad actually. I also found that I forgot quite a few books in my death count so I will have to update that post later when I have time.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm totally disgusted...

In ib there is no such thing as "break". It is spring break, and do you know what I have done? Work . I have done Aleks which is this stupid math website that is required work for you to do and it's annoying . I also read the book Night by Elie Wiesel. That was no problem because I like to read, but my teacher decided to give us a packet of "Study Guide Questions" and I still haven't even started those. I mean she wanted us to read and answer the questions at the same time but I just can't do that. That reminds me every book in ib someone dies. Every Book.

Book I Have Read in IB and Who Died
1. Of Mice and Men By:John Steinbeck
Death Count: Lennie, Curleys Wife, A mouse, and a puppy.

2. Black Boy By: Richard Wright
Death Count: A kitten, Richards Mom (okay I'm pretty positive she dies but I need to look it up)

3. All Quiet on the Westren Front By: Erich Maria Remarque
Death Count: Leer, Bertink, Muller, Kemmerich, Paul Baumer, Haie Westhus, Stanislaus Katczinsky

4. The Great Gatsby By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Death Count: Myrtle and Gatsby

5. The Tortilla Curtain By: T.C. Boyle
Death Count: Socorro
Total: 16

6. The Scarlet Letter By: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Death Count: Dimmesdale, Chillingworth, and Hester
Total: 19

7. Taming of The Shrew By: William Shakespeare
Death Count: The shrewish Kate (okay maybe no one technically died but...)
Total: 20

8. Night By: Elie Weisel
Death Count: 11 million died in the Holocaust
Total: 11 million and 20

Pretty depressing stuff. I wish we could read a happy book. Just one that's all I ask . One lighthearted book.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ghetto pi

Okay so my Mom is having Pi day on her blog and she said that this one person said they made "ghetto pie", and it said something along the lines of
"What would be the number for ghetto pi ?"and do you know what I said?
"4.20. ahahahahahha..."
(If you don't get it you have been out of highschool for way to long and you need to visit UrbanDictionary I will provide you a handy dandy link at the bottom of the page.) Ib kids know about about these thing we are not as naive as the world thinks. Today is also Albert Einsteins Birthday so yeah useless piece of information from my math teacher.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freakin A!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man the problem with ib is that you have so much crap to do that when you have time to do things that you like (like writing this blog for example) you just want to sleep. I haven't even read much lately because if I read I won't sleep. It's a terrible cycle but it's worth it I suppose.
Today I was freaking out because I had my chemistry semi-final and well you all know about my chem grade, anyways, I get into class to have the most pleasant suprise we get two day to do it!!!!!!! Do you know what this means? This means that you try to develop photographic memory so you can uhhh... well I wouldn't say that one nasty word that starts with a c and end with a t. (haahah not the Jane Fonda word the other one!) But basically you just use it to uhh... help you study Ya that's it! Hopefully my grade will be a C- that's a terrible grade to aspire to but....well it's the technical passing grade in college so whoopee! You know what Mrs. T says "C's are better" as in: If your going to be a slacker in ib you better at least get C's because in college if you get a D you fail the course so if your going to be a slacker you better be a God damn college level slacker.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Continued from my first post...

Involved people:
The Coordinators
Mrs. T- scary women, by scary I mean she is slightly taller than me (I'm 5'1) and has this look of determination in her eyes that always makes you feel like you have accomplished nothing. Now this sounds kind of mean but that look it really keeps you in shape. Then when you talk to her she's pretty great. She knows every kids name in IB-and how to spell most of them too. I find this A-mazing but then again I'm easily amused.

Mr. T- Mrs. T's husband. (He used to be the IB coordinator) He is slightly taller than Mrs. T and he is hilarious. ( why does snoop dawg carry an umbrella-dramatic pause- fo drizzle! Man when I heard this I was CRACKIN UP I mean he is this small white guy with big glasses who is always dressed nicely and wearing a tie telling a snoop dawg joke,he's great)

Mr. P- He is also a coordinator and he teaches TOK (theory of knowledge more on that later). Well he is TALL. Really tall, he has a goofy smile, and he's bald. I don't have much more to say about him because if i have i problem i usually ask Mrs T or...

Mrs. Basketball Player S- She is the IB counseler and she is also TALL and really cool. She is very down to Earth and she cracks me up but like all of the other Top IB people she too can be scary.

Miscellaneous IB Teachers
IB Upperclassmen

So at warm-up week they drag you into the library :
They start off by making everyone sit down and then they tell everyone to stand. Now when this happened I was all eager to please because i was an incoming freshman all naive and excited, so i jump to my feet.. okay maybe i didn't jump but you get the idea and then they tell us "Okay so you can sit down but only once you have said one thing that is unique to yourself like my dads an astronaut or i'm the only one who ate glue as a kid!" (okay maybe i'm exxxxagerating a little they didn't say that but it was a back before i was technically a freshman and I'm a sophomore now meomory is...ya) So everyone is standing there alienated because duh we were incoming freshman, and I failed to mention that there was a bunch of IB upperclassmen watching us because they volunteered so we would feel like we knew people and you know they wanted to be the first to snatch up the "cool freshmen" and take them under their wing and teach them. ( they didn't mind watching us do the embarrassing things they had done before in their life though it wasn't all for charity) Well you have all of these kids standing up scared to answer so we are all just looking at each other so Mrs.T asks (Mind you she's not quite so scary in the beginning it's just when she's really serious.) one of the upperclassmen to jump in .... to be continued