Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wait. What do you mean no homework????

So we don't have any homework tonight. I mean if you want to get technical I could be studing or starting my research paper but quite frankly i'm in a bad mood and I would rather not. We have been testing for the past two weeks. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!! They aren't even intelligent enought to give all of the tests to us in one week. No they have to drag it out Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks. Which screws up our whole schedule because they organize it so you only have your odd or even classes and it's really dumb. Nice adjective I know.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Day

My Freind pointed out that Earth Day this year is *drum roll please* ...April twentieth....Ahhhh let that sink in... Do you find it utterly hilarious that it is on 4-20? I got a huge kick out of this. I mean earthy hippies and pot. Maybe I'm being immature but I mean come on "ib learners" are supposed to be (this is straight from the handbook)
-Inquiers (I love learning random facts )
-Knowledgeable (If someone asks when Earth Day is I can surely tell them)
-Thinkers (I thought about how hilarious it was)
-Communicator (I'm telling you)
-Principled (hmmm...I take responsinility for spreading the fun)
-Open-minded (hahaha I'm open-minded but uhh I am not into illegal)
-Caring (Of course I am.)
-Risk-takers (Hmm I don't know that I can relate this one...I already told you I am not into illegal)
-Balanced (I'm balancing this blog and ib and theater)
-Reflective (I think Earth Day and 4-20 are a good match)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Theater and IB have stolen my life....

They have taken it and ran away with my life. It's really sad actually. I also found that I forgot quite a few books in my death count so I will have to update that post later when I have time.