Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wait. What do you mean no homework????

So we don't have any homework tonight. I mean if you want to get technical I could be studing or starting my research paper but quite frankly i'm in a bad mood and I would rather not. We have been testing for the past two weeks. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!! They aren't even intelligent enought to give all of the tests to us in one week. No they have to drag it out Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks. Which screws up our whole schedule because they organize it so you only have your odd or even classes and it's really dumb. Nice adjective I know.


Do said...

You see, that is the reason they won't let me be an organic chemist - so instead I play with computers all day (ahhh... the pleasure of being a theorist).
I hear that you are also considering Berkeley. I know nothing about the school yet except that it has an exceptional graduate program in Chemistry. From what I hear, that is not exactly useful information for you, though... Well, if there are any questions that either I or Neen can answer for you just give us a shout. You know where our blog is and a new e-mail address is posted on there as well.

Best of luck with the IB exams!

ib said...
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ib said...

I feel much safer knowing you will be working on computers. Trust me I will have plenty of questions for you two once you get settled. You must visit Moe's bookstore on telegraph street.

P.S. Thanks I sure will need that luck. Maybe some of the intelligence when it comes to my chem final. I don't have my real IB exams until next year.

Robbie said...

I hate when we have tests spread out ver a period of time like that. Our teachers are just like that. By the time tests are over, im researching another topic, gaining weight i lost from the previous week, and buying rogaine. for hair loss!!!!!!!