Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Day

My Freind pointed out that Earth Day this year is *drum roll please* ...April twentieth....Ahhhh let that sink in... Do you find it utterly hilarious that it is on 4-20? I got a huge kick out of this. I mean earthy hippies and pot. Maybe I'm being immature but I mean come on "ib learners" are supposed to be (this is straight from the handbook)
-Inquiers (I love learning random facts )
-Knowledgeable (If someone asks when Earth Day is I can surely tell them)
-Thinkers (I thought about how hilarious it was)
-Communicator (I'm telling you)
-Principled (hmmm...I take responsinility for spreading the fun)
-Open-minded (hahaha I'm open-minded but uhh I am not into illegal)
-Caring (Of course I am.)
-Risk-takers (Hmm I don't know that I can relate this one...I already told you I am not into illegal)
-Balanced (I'm balancing this blog and ib and theater)
-Reflective (I think Earth Day and 4-20 are a good match)

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ib said...

I would like to clarify Earth day wasn't on 4-20 but the festivle thing was in my home town.