Friday, February 29, 2008

Continued from my first post...

Involved people:
The Coordinators
Mrs. T- scary women, by scary I mean she is slightly taller than me (I'm 5'1) and has this look of determination in her eyes that always makes you feel like you have accomplished nothing. Now this sounds kind of mean but that look it really keeps you in shape. Then when you talk to her she's pretty great. She knows every kids name in IB-and how to spell most of them too. I find this A-mazing but then again I'm easily amused.

Mr. T- Mrs. T's husband. (He used to be the IB coordinator) He is slightly taller than Mrs. T and he is hilarious. ( why does snoop dawg carry an umbrella-dramatic pause- fo drizzle! Man when I heard this I was CRACKIN UP I mean he is this small white guy with big glasses who is always dressed nicely and wearing a tie telling a snoop dawg joke,he's great)

Mr. P- He is also a coordinator and he teaches TOK (theory of knowledge more on that later). Well he is TALL. Really tall, he has a goofy smile, and he's bald. I don't have much more to say about him because if i have i problem i usually ask Mrs T or...

Mrs. Basketball Player S- She is the IB counseler and she is also TALL and really cool. She is very down to Earth and she cracks me up but like all of the other Top IB people she too can be scary.

Miscellaneous IB Teachers
IB Upperclassmen

So at warm-up week they drag you into the library :
They start off by making everyone sit down and then they tell everyone to stand. Now when this happened I was all eager to please because i was an incoming freshman all naive and excited, so i jump to my feet.. okay maybe i didn't jump but you get the idea and then they tell us "Okay so you can sit down but only once you have said one thing that is unique to yourself like my dads an astronaut or i'm the only one who ate glue as a kid!" (okay maybe i'm exxxxagerating a little they didn't say that but it was a back before i was technically a freshman and I'm a sophomore now meomory is...ya) So everyone is standing there alienated because duh we were incoming freshman, and I failed to mention that there was a bunch of IB upperclassmen watching us because they volunteered so we would feel like we knew people and you know they wanted to be the first to snatch up the "cool freshmen" and take them under their wing and teach them. ( they didn't mind watching us do the embarrassing things they had done before in their life though it wasn't all for charity) Well you have all of these kids standing up scared to answer so we are all just looking at each other so Mrs.T asks (Mind you she's not quite so scary in the beginning it's just when she's really serious.) one of the upperclassmen to jump in .... to be continued


White On Rice Couple said...

Whoa!!! You're one of those genius kids that speak and write waaaay better English than us adults. Thanks for giving some pretty illustrative descriptions of your coordinators, they don't seem as bad as I had expected.
Are you the one that bakes?

ib said...

Ya they're not that bad until they're mad.
Yes i am the baker of the family.

jack's utter lack of surprise said...

i had a teacher like mrs t. i respected her so much that i was constantly terrified of letting her down. if it wasn't for her my life would have turned out very differently.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya she is exactly the same
she really makes srtive to do better.

White On Rice Couple said...

Is the expose on your Evil mamma soon to be posted? Don't tell her we're talking to ya secretly here.
BTW- those baby, baby carrots are very sweeeet!! We were actually really surprised, but when they come from the garden, everything tastes so much better.