Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freakin A!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man the problem with ib is that you have so much crap to do that when you have time to do things that you like (like writing this blog for example) you just want to sleep. I haven't even read much lately because if I read I won't sleep. It's a terrible cycle but it's worth it I suppose.
Today I was freaking out because I had my chemistry semi-final and well you all know about my chem grade, anyways, I get into class to have the most pleasant suprise we get two day to do it!!!!!!! Do you know what this means? This means that you try to develop photographic memory so you can uhhh... well I wouldn't say that one nasty word that starts with a c and end with a t. (haahah not the Jane Fonda word the other one!) But basically you just use it to uhh... help you study Ya that's it! Hopefully my grade will be a C- that's a terrible grade to aspire to but....well it's the technical passing grade in college so whoopee! You know what Mrs. T says "C's are better" as in: If your going to be a slacker in ib you better at least get C's because in college if you get a D you fail the course so if your going to be a slacker you better be a God damn college level slacker.

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