Friday, March 14, 2008

Ghetto pi

Okay so my Mom is having Pi day on her blog and she said that this one person said they made "ghetto pie", and it said something along the lines of
"What would be the number for ghetto pi ?"and do you know what I said?
"4.20. ahahahahahha..."
(If you don't get it you have been out of highschool for way to long and you need to visit UrbanDictionary I will provide you a handy dandy link at the bottom of the page.) Ib kids know about about these thing we are not as naive as the world thinks. Today is also Albert Einsteins Birthday so yeah useless piece of information from my math teacher.


JPENG said...

That was MY ghetto pie..hahaa.

White On Rice Couple said...

Oh even better! Where do we sign up? Here, or on your mom's blog?

ib said...

Hey hey hey we ib kids don't do that stuff we are just highly informed by the regular student.
We like to keep it legal.